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f-02 posting

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Hi All,

Can anyone explain me this requirement:

The Insurance values against the condition type ‘ZF00’ for the Billing Documents should be posted in F-02 transaction.

My selection screen contains these fields:

Sales Organization Multiple Selection

Distribution Channel Multiple Selection

<b>Customer Number Multiple Selection</b>

Billing Type Multiple Selection

Posting Date Multiple Selection Obligatory

<b>Expense Account Single value

Accrual Account Single value

Cost Center Single value Default ‘2-1000’</b>

I didn't find the fields which are in bold.

1) Get all the Billing Document details with the corresponding selection screen values from VBRK and filter the data using the Condition type ‘ZF00’ from KONV table.

2) Get those Billing Documents where there exists Accounting document number for the selected data from BKPF table.

3) Create a custom table ZINS with fields VBELN, POSNR, FKDAT, GJAHR & BELNR. Initially there will be no records created in this table. The records were created whenever a Billing document with the corresponding Insurance value is posted in F-02 transaction. The generated Accounting Document along with the Fiscal year record will be inserted into this table. Do a validation on this table such that whenever a Billing document is posted this value should be checked against the table where there exists any Accounting Document for this record, if there exists any records ignore this Billing Document number for posting else create a posting.

4) The first report will contain the Billing documents along with any previously generated Accounting Documents from ZINS table.

5) Create a push button in the report with name ‘Accounts Posting’.

6) Select any of the Billing Documents in the report and press the ‘Accounts Posting’ push button. Trigger F-02 transaction and the selected Billing documents along with the insurance values will be posted and an Accounting Document number will be generated in the form of a report.

If anyone has worked on similar requirement pls help me..


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Hi Madhri,

Customer Number is KUNNR

Cost Center is KOSTL (table CSKS)

Remaining i am not sure madhuri.....

Hope this helps you. Reply for queries, shall post the updates.