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Extending SAP delivered menu (S000)

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I have read many topics about how to extend custom menu structures on the default SAP menu (S000). However, I have some questions about the correct wat to do this.

1) Is it better to copy S000 and then add your custom menu structure?

2) Is it better to enhance S000 with your custom menu structure?

_My concern deals with upgrades. If I copy S000 and a patch is applied (scenario

1), then my custom version will have to be rebuilt using the newest S000. This seems like it could be difficult to maintain.

2) On the other hand, If I "enhance" S000 directly with my custom menu structure, and a patch or upgrade is applied, will my custom additions be wiped out? Is there a user exit for menu maintenance?

Anyone have any experience or tips with this?




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Hi Ryan.

You should use scenario 2.

I uprgaded from 46C to ECC 700 with no problems regarding S000 structure (with various enhancements on it).

I hope this helped you.

Best regards.

Valter Oliveira.

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Or you create you're own menu with you're submenu items etc and create and submenu item with reference to S000

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Is it possible to reference S000 on another menu without maintaining it directly or copying it?

If so, how is it done?



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Hi Ryan,

I think it is better to extend SAP delivered menu (S000).

Please check this link on how to do step by step (my previous reply for other thread).

Hope this will help.


Ferry Lianto