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Extend SM35 with a column


Hi everyone,

I know it's an old and honoured transaction code, but: we've actually received a request if we could put an additional column into SM35 list of Batch Input sessions containing the username of the person responsible for handling the BI file.

Technically, I'd say I could add an additional field in table APQI and fill it with a recurring report - I'd expect the field to show up automatically in SM35. But as the table is not classified as enhanceable, it's probably not the best idea.

Do you know of any other way? Or would the solution be a self-written report or dialogue that shows the desired information and uses CALL TRANSACTION to jump into SM35 selecting the desired file?

Thanks in advance!


Active Contributor

Sorry I'm late to the party here. I think your approach of a custom program is a good idea, assuming it's already been decided that development effort is worth whatever benefit this will provide.