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export sap data to excel 2010 format problem EXPORT SPREADSHEET

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Hi to all guru

We have SAP R/3 4.7X110.

We have a problem with Microsoft excel 2010 when exporting data from all sap transaction to excel 2010, for example in tcode MB51detailed listin material document list- go to the menu LIST->EXPORT->SPREADSHEET-TABLE, now sap call excel and export data in the file : THE PROBLEM IS that excel 2010 CUT the ZERO CHARACTER before the number, and the DATE and the TIME filed are converted in number .

here is an example :

SLOC 0081 is transformed in SLOC 81

BATCH 0000013162 is transormed in 13162

DATE 13.01.2009 is transformed in a number 0,04234....

Instead with excel 2003 the data are correctly displayed!!!

Please help me to solve the problem witch Excel 2010 !

MAny thanks in advance and after


Edited by: Antonio Voce on Feb 3, 2011 8:01 PM


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Have you looked for notes?


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yes i have looked but I can't find the right note ...

please help me!!!

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Yes - there are a lot of them, so if you can't find the one that helps, you should raise a message with OSS. The forum really can't help you here.


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I open an OSS message ....I'm still waiting for answer from SAP.

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Hi Antonio, have you received any updates on this issue?

We are currently experiencing the same problem.

It was working fine with Excel 2007, but after upgrading to 2010 the dates turn into numbers.

Is this an SAP or Microsoft issue?

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I am having the same problem. We are on 4.6 C and we use MS Office 2007 (didn't have this issue until Office 2003). When we export reports using excel, we get the date as a group of numbers. I researched and found an OSS note (972579) for that and applied which corrected the date format but it also changed all the fields in general format to text format, which is not good. So I raised the issue with SAP and the response I got was that SAP has no control in excel exports and that the files so exported is not actually an excel file, which perplexes me because the format change (from General to Text) in excel only occurs after applying the note and the note itself is made for the date format issue. I get the same reply from SAP even after reiterating the above. Please let me know if you have any further info regarding this.

I know that to change the fields manually is an option but for users who exports many reports on a daily basis, its really good to have this come out in the right format.

- Munair

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Please share if anyone have any possible info on this.

Thank you.

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I have tried exporting files with both XLS and XXL file extension from release 46C GUI 730.  The exported files both have identical correct data.  It is only when I open them in Excel that the leading zeroes are dropped.  I have got round this in Excel by using the 'Custom' option in Format Cells.  My field is 10 chars long, so I enter 10 zeroes in the 'Type' box in custom format, and all values have leading zeroes assigned to bring the length to 10 chars.

E.g.  12345 becomes 0000012345, 1234567 becomes 0001234567. 

This is OK if you are not exporting a lot of files.