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Export at User exit level and import at background job not working

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I have a user exit where export is written and using job_open, job_close submiting another program ... and when I try to import at job level I am not getting values,

any suggestions on this?


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If you are talking about statements EXPORT TO MEMORY and IMPORT FROM MEMORY, they can't work between two different ABAP sessions, they work only inside the same ABAP session, as explained in ABAP documentation - Sessions and Memory Areas.

From ABAP documentation of MEMORY: "If MEMORY is specified, the data cluster is written into the ABAP Memory".

Hi sandra.rossi sandrarossi thank you, thats 100% right its about memory, sadly there is no other way to do so, looks like ending up creating selection-screen parameters and import the value,

Let me know if there is any other way, thank you.

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Adding a parameter to pass an additional argument seems very logical.

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Hi satishv8

If you can explain your requirement viz.

what is the memory value you are exporting.. a single value or table data?

What is the frequency of export and import? meaning.. many exports and background job is only one ? or one to one?

This will help us to think of any solution.

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@SANDRA ROSI ALREADY Answered, thank you very much