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Explicit enhancment

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Hi frends

I would like to know abt

Explicit enhancememt

wat is enhancemnt point

enhancemnt section

if possible with example

thanking you


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Enhancement Spot

enhancement option types are the following:

- ENHANCEMENT-POINT u2013 can either be static (for example, additional data declaration) or dynamic (for example, additional coding).

- ENHANCEMENT-SECTION u2013 can either be static (for example, replace an existing data declaration) or dynamic (for example, replace coding).

- Overlay enhancement u2013 overwrite an existing enhancement instead of modifying it.

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Enhancement Spots


The enhancement spots are used to manage explicit enhancement options. Enhancement spots carry information about the positions at which enhancement options were created. One enhancement spot can manage several enhancement options of a Repository object. Conversely, several enhancement spots can be assigned to one enhancement option.


You create an explicit enhancement option when processing a Repository object with the relevant tool by creating an enhancement spot element definition at a point where this is possible. This enhancement option can then be called at different points using enhancement spot element calls. The enhancement spot element definition and the corresponding enhancement spot element calls make up the definition of an enhancement option. For example, when editing an ABAP program with the ABAP Editor, you can define explicit enhancement options in the form of the ENHANCEMENT-POINT statement, which also represents the element definition and element call.

Each enhancement spot element definition must be assigned to at least one enhancement spot. For this, an enhancement spot element definition is assigned one or more simple enhancement spots, which in turn are assigned to at least one composite enhancement spot. Simple and composite enhancement spots are Repository objects that form a tree-like structure, where the leaves and branches represent simple and composite enhancement spots respectively. A simple enhancement spot is always assigned to exactly one enhancement technology (ABAP source code enhancement or BAdI).

Composite enhancement spots are used for the semantic grouping of simple enhancement spots. A composite enhancement spot contains either one or more simple enhancement spots and/or one or more composite enhancement spots of the relevant type. You can use composite enhancement spots to combine simple enhancement spots into meaningful units:

Enhancement point

Enhancement point is similar to user exit but it is available only in ECC 6.0 onwards.

Enhancement point - you can find it at the beginning and at the end of forms/function modules or reports. To see enhacement points you need to go to enhancement mode by pressing sprail button or SHIFT + F4 in any standard program. Then right click and create enhancement.

There are 2 types of enhancements.

1. Implicit.

2. Explicit.

Implecit enhancement : These are provided in specific areas of standard source code:

1. At the end of the programs ( reports, includes, function pools, module pools)

2. At the begin and end of subroutine forms.

3. At the end of the functional module

4. At the end of all visabilities areas

In this case you do not need to create and enhancment spot. You directly put your curosr on the enhancement option and create your inplementations by right click.

Explicit enhancement : It can be anywhere in your source code. You need to explicitly have a enhancement point.It is of two types:

1. Enhancement spot : It is the point where you can add your code. It can have multiple implementations. All the implementations can active at a time but the sequince of executions of the implementations can be anything.

2. enhancement section : If you want to execute your own code instead of some portion standard code. Only the active implementation is execute. Only one implementation is active at a time.

2. Enhancement section

check These link

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