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Exits to default/validate data on SD customer master screens

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Is there any "exit type" functionality offered for either defaulting or validating data populated into the on-line screens of the customer master when a user is creating/changing a customer (i.e. transaction XD01/XD02)? I found enhancement SAPMF02D in SMOD, however it doesn't seem to hit that logic until after the very last screen is processed. For example, I simply would like to suggest (default) a value into a SAP required field based on custom logic when the user is in create or change mode. (For example, defaulting customer's tax classifications on the Billing screen as their requirement for entry was 'turned on' after many customers already existed.) I know in the HR module there are user exits where custom logic can be placed to "process before output" and "process after input" for each screen of employee master data, however I am not finding equivalent fucntionality for customer master data. I don't think "menu exits" or "screen exits" are relevant. I imagine this is not an uncommon requirement, so I would be suprised if there wasn't some other SAP supported technique for accomplishing this.


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I am also not able to find solution.

These are different enhancements for exit.

ZXUSRU01 Exit_saplsusf_001 At login time

SAPMF02D Exit_sapmf02d_001 When saving customer master data

SAPMF02K Exit_sapmf02k_001 When saving vendor master data

M61X0001 Exit_saplm61c_001 When processing MRP planning

M61X0001 Exit_sapmm61x_001 When processing MRP planning

FYTX0001 Exit_saplv61a_001 Modifications in pricing procedures

MBCF0002 Exit_sapmm07m_001 Checks for materials documents

SDVFX002 Exit_saplv60b_002 Link between SD and FI documents

M06B0003 Exit_sapmm06b_001 When saving MM documents

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Yes, and of those, SAPMF02D is the most relevant to customer master data as I mentioned in my original message, however it doesn't meet our requirements as outlined above. There must be some way to do this.

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Would a field exit accomplish this?