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EXIT_SAPLV60B_001 not updating the Custom fields in the Accounting Document Header level.

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I have deployed user exit to update custom fields in Accounting Document from Sales order header when released to accounting. In development it is working fine, but once moving to UAT it is not working as expected. For updation of fields at Document header level what all steps are required apart from using Exit_SAPLV60B_001.

I have appended BKPF structure with custom fields. Enhanced the FB01, FB02, FB03 screen with the custom fields.Fields are appearing in the screen of FB03 etc but value is not getting populated in the fields in from the Sales Order header level. Input will be very helpful.I have already searched all forum regarding user exit and followed all steps but not able to find the missing link.


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  • Did you transport the CMOD project, activated?
  • Did you also enhance structures such as ACCHD
  • How did you 'enhance the FB01, FB02, FB03 screens'

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Any updates regarding this issue?
Because I have followed all the above mentioned steps and the custom fields do not get populated.

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Hi Raymond,

Transported activated CMOD project.

Enhanced structures ACCHD, BSEG, BKPF for z fields.

Created BADI Implementation for FI_HEADER_SUB_1300 and added subscreen in screen no 1300.Added new Z fields in FB02 and FB03 by changing layout in program SAPMF05L screen no 1710.

It is working in Dev client but on transporting to UAT client. it is not working. I put break point at EXIT_SAPLV60B_001 in UAT Client, code is working fine XACCHD structure is getting filled with the desired field values. on posting document cannot see the new Z fields values getting filled. Z fields are present but no values is passed to Z fields.

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Hi Pushparaj,

How you have added custom fields in SAPMF05L, Which BADI or User Exit have you used...?

Thanks in Advance.

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As far as I understood, OP used BAdI FI_HEADER_SUB_1300 but didn't use the subscreen provided and modified some standard dynpro, tbc ?

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I have raised this issue long time back. But didn't get any solution so far. Please help in issue as it is impacting business.

Attached is the requirement.If I update z fields at the Sales Order header level, fields should appear in Accounting document Header level as shown in picture below.