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Error while creating cluster view

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Hi all,

Requirement is to create cluster view copying cluster view VC_TABWU01 into custom view.

CV VC_TABWU01 has two data base views V_T093C_10 and V_T093U_01 I copied them both in to ZT093U_01 and ZT093C_10 and created a CV Z_TABWU01. Field dependence is set, when I am activating view I am getting message that screen 300 of ZT093U_01 is modified. I changed all possible options as standard view, kindly help me activating cluster view.

Error: The flow logic of the screen ZT093U_01 0300 is not that of a generated view maintenance list screen. Either the screen has been considerably modified manually, or the view which it is based on has no maintainable key.




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Need to add events in TMG. Solved with help of standard CV