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Error on Transaction Code for Query

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Hello, Masters

I have a problem with a transaction for query, I hope that you can help me.

On transaction SE93 I create transaction ZRH11,

I choose transaction with parameters.

On Transaction field the value is START_REPORT

The checkbox skip initial screen is marked

The checkbox for SAP GUI for html, java and windows are marked


Parameter D_SREPOVARI-REPORT = 'RHCYA' is the users group this group is global

Parameter D_SREPOVARI-EXTDREPORT = 'ZIT0015' is the query


R/3 says that the transaction is consistent, but at the time that I want to run send the message "User group RHCYA has not yet been created"

The user group is created, what's wrong???




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Hi Omar,

Please try to Use the User group as "RHCYA1". For some reason, it doesn't take the user group as it is and we need to append some character to the user group at the end. Not sure why it does so. Please use RHCYA1 and see if it works. Hope this helps. Thanks


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Thanks Hari

The result is the same, It doesn't work

Thanks again

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I think that the problem is something with the user group, as I know all the user groups when are global must have a 12 character name and at final I must add a 'G', the point is that this user group only have a 5 characters, exist any rule if the user group have less than 12 characters??