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error in integration key for product reference using odata endpoint


We are using odata endpoint on Hybris 1905.9 CCV2 to create an instance of product reference using source, target, reference type, active, preselected and quantity attributes.

SAP Commerce Odata feature creates integration key property using values of unique attributes – version | catalog| reference type | product code.

This value contains only the target product code and source product code is not present in the integration key. Due to which while making a GET call using odata endpoint, the respective entry is not found. Same product model is used for souce and target product in search query.

query: [SELECT {productreference:pk} FROM {ProductReference* AS productreference} WHERE {productreference:referenceType} = ?referenceType AND {productreference:source} = ?source AND {productreference:target} = ?target], query parameters: [{referenceType=8796101902427, source=8796093480961, target=8796093480961}]

Has anyone faced this issue and what would be the best way to tackle such problems.

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