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error in bdc upgrade from 4.6c to ecc 5.0

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I have written a BDC which will update the data in FB01. Now this BDC was running well until we upgraded to ECC 5.0.

Now it is giving me a formating error in the purchasing document number and the field is taking / when it is empty and this is telling me 'formating error'.

I am not sure if this is the error but i need to know better. Can someone help?


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'/' is the character passed by default into the bdc when it doesnt find any entry for a particular field. All you need to do is specify the value of field NODATA as space instead of '/'.

You can see this field populated in the BDCFIELD subroutine.


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The issue is that there is an entry for that field still it is taking as blank

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can you just tell me which field is that and the table

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Make sure your BDC fields are still valid. Also, are you using RFBIBL00 or your own BDC? If you are using RFBIBL00, then may be the structures have changed. Check that.

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Do one thing, Record using SHDB. Try to map same senario.

Check whether recording of ECC5.0 is matches with old one.

This should be checked in all respect.

SCREEN,Field NAME, Field Value, Fomating.