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Error during syntax check of IDoc (outbound)

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Dear Friends

I am new to ALE IDOC I have done the basic configuration, after material is created I sent the material via BD10 but material is not sending to another client.

I am getting the below error message. Please help me to solve this issue.

IDoc number        0000000000913112
Direction          1 Outbound
Status             26Error during syntax check of IDoc (outbound)
Message            Get details from previous status records with status 26




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Hi, please check the partner profile-outbound parameters-outbound options. You should maintain the correct basic type here, same as the IDoc you are generating.

Also, can you check and tell the message in the status record which has status 26?



For resolving issue with IDoc´s getting stuck in status 26 due to incorrect syntax, you have following two possibilities:

You can remove the flag "Cancel Processing After Syntax Error" in the Partner Profile (transaction WE20) of the message type in question(outbound options ->IDoc Type). In this case, no syntax

check will be done by the ALE layer and the  IDoc´s will be sent without getting the error status 26.

Another possibility would be, to create your own basic IDoc type using the transaction WE30 (as a copy of an already existing IDoc type) and maintain there the number of repetitions for the segment with a number, which fits your needs.