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Error: At the conversion of a text from codepage '4110' to codepage '4102':

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I am trying to open an ANSI file from Application server.

I am using "open dataset F_FILENAME for input in text mode encoding default."

For some ANSI files it works fine, and for some it fails. I want to open this file and validate it , post it back on to application server

with its original format.

How do I achieve this? THanks,

Below is the system config.


Database codepage Unicode

Current Codepage of Appl. Server 4102

Codepage of Front End 4110 UTF-8 GUI


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Hi Shabbir,

The statement "open dataset F_FILENAME for input in text mode encoding default" would open the file with the default codepage of your system which is 4102 for your system.

Due to which the SAP system implicitly coverts the characters in the file to 4102 codepage. You might get "CONVT_CODEPAGE" error if system is not able to convert some characters in the file.

You should use

Open dataset F_FILENAME for input in legacy text mode code page 1100

Check the following link for syntax.

[open dataset in SAP|]

You can also use " IGNORING CONVERSION ERRORS " to avoid "CONVT_CODEPAGE" errors..