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Enhancements on FB01/2/3.

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In our project , there is a enhancement on FB01.

How to find the Enhancement on FB01.

Table name & field name is BSEG-ZUONR.

I know only this table, field name and Tcode,with this only i want to know the enhancements ,How to know Pls help me its very urgent.(i am not a technical consultant)



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Tell what exactly is your requirement for enhancement. B'cos there are lots of enhancement options for FB01 series.

First let me give some BTEs

1005 POST DOCUMENT: Footer input

1010 POST DOCUMENT: Check customer line item

1011 POST DOCUMENT: Checks at line item level

1012 POST DOCUMENT: Check reference 3

1013 POST DOCUMENT: Display References Button

1020 POST DOCUMENT: Prior to final checks

1025 POST DOCUMENT: Final checks completed

1030 POST DOCUMENT: Posting of standard data

1040 REVERSE CLEARING: Following a standard posting

1041 REVERSE CLEARING: With Reversal of Clearing Doc.

1050 POST DOCUMENT: Accounting interface

1060 POST DOCUMENT: Invoice check

1070 POST DOCUMENT: GUI Callup at Line Item Level

1080 POST DOCUMENT: Key Texts

1085 POST DOCUMENT: Functions for Line Item

1110 CHANGE DOCUMENT: Save the standard data

1120 CHANGE DOCUMENT: GUI Callup at line item level

1130 CHANGE DOCUMENT: Key texts

1135 CHANGE DOCUMENT: Excl. Functions for Line Item

1136 CHANGE DOCUMENT: Exclude Field Changes

Now the Exits,

SAPLF051 Workflow for FI (pre-capture, release for payment)

RFKORIEX Automatic correspondence

RFEPOS00 Line item display: Checking of selection conditions

RFAVIS01 Customer Exit for Changing Payment Advice Segment Text

FARC0002 Additional Checks for Archiving MM Vendor Master Data

F180A001 Balance Sheet Adjustment

F050S007 FIDCCH Outbound: Influence on IDoc for Document Change

F050S001 FIDCMT, FIDCC1, FIDCC2: Edit user-defined IDoc segment

F050S002 FIDCC1: Change IDoc/do not send

F050S003 FIDCC2: Change IDoc/do not send

F050S004 FIDCMT, FIDCC1, FIDCC2: Change outbound IDoc/do not send

F050S005 FIDCMT, FIDCC1, FIDCC2 Inbound IDoc: Change FI document


Business Add-in

BADI_FDCB_SUBBAS05 Screen Enhancement 5 on FDCB Basic Data Screen (010, 510)

BADI_PRKNG_NO_UPDATE BAdI for Deactivating Update of Parked Documents

F050S008 FIDCC1, FIDCC2 Inbound IDoc: Update Comparison Ledger

FBAS_CIN_LTAX1F02 Tax interface

FBAS_CIN_MF05AFA0 EWT - Downpayment Clearing - Tax transfer for CIN

FISPLIT Online Split: Cash Discount, Exchange Rate Differences

FI_PAYREF_BADI_010 BAdI: Payment Reference Number

FI_RES_ITEM_CURRENCY Document of Residual Item with Invoice Currency

FI_TRANS_DATE_DERIVE Derive BKPF-WWERT from Other Document Header Data

FVFZ Replacement for Function Modules of Function Group FVFZ

INVOIC_FI_INBOUND BADIs for Inbound IDoc INVOIC FI (Vendor Invoice)

RFESR000_BADI_001 BAdI for Own Processing of POR Item

FI_DOC_DISP_LI Diversion to Document Items (FB03)

Let me know if you need any more info.

If you could be specific, i can try to tell you the exact match.

Vinodh Balakrishnan

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Hello Sir

Thanks a lot for sharing the information.

What exactly the issue is , we r going to poputate the filed BSEG-ZUONR value from legacy.

populating this filed from legacy we have one enhancement,but we dont know the enhancement,so how to find the enhancement for this particular Tcode.



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Diwakar open the table BSEG and double click on the data element(DZUONR) of the field ZUONR.

And then put the cursor on the data element and click on the where used list then select only FUNCTION MODULE INTERFACES and Execute it.

Then it will give all the function module where this field will be used.

You need to check the function modules starting with EXIT_, those will be the function module exits available which uses this field.

In your case, the below are the available function exits.







Hope it helps.

Reward if it is useful.



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Hello Srinivad garu

what the information u have given that is absolutely right ,that EXIT_SAPLIEDI_003,but it was not active in the sence when i am clicking the include program it is saying ''incorrect position''.

there may be another Exit.

Thanks a lor sir


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Hi Diwakar,

Double click on the include then it gives the warning message then click on ENTER and then proceed to create the include. It should work.