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Enhancement V56USVDP in VT01

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I'm using V56USVDP (EXIT_SAPLV56U_004

Preparation for updating new objects for transport?) to get the shipping no.

However when I release the request it's giving me errors in extended check.

Is this the right exit to use?If not can anyone suggest another exit.I need TKNUM.We are on 4.0B so we don't have Badi's.

Thanks for any replies..


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Hi Aries,

Check all exits for VT01

Transaction Code - VT01 Old: Create Shipment

Exit Name Description

MV56AINI Initialization of transaction control for transportation

V56AFCCH Shipment processing: Check function code allowed

V56AGTAR User Exit for Filtering Shipping Unit Calculation

V56ARCHV Customer-spec. checks for archiving shipments

V56ATKTX Change the number of lines for text input in shipment

V56BMOD Transportation processing: Field modification

V56DISTZ Shipment Processing: Determine Distance

V56FCOPY Shipment processing: Copy delivery data

V56FSTAT Shipment processing: Activities when setting a status

V56L0001 Status of Shipments for a Delivery

V56LDELI Read Delivery Data for Shipment Processing

V56LOCID Shipment Processing: Determine Location Identification

V56MVT04 Extensions for Collective Processing of Shipments

V56SLDET Shipment processing: Leg determination

V56TDLIF Filter Delivery Items for Shipment

V56UCHCH Shipment processing: Check whether changes were made

V56UCHCO Check shipments are complete

V56UDLUP Obsolete as of 4.6C: Delivery Update on Delivery Routines

V56UNUMB Shipment number allocation

V56USTAT User-individual definition of transportation planning status

V56USVDO Update new objects for transport

V56USVDP Preparation for updating new objects for transport?

No of Exits: 22

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