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Enabling maintenance of trcd VOE4 and BD55

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Dear fellow integrators,

I am trying to setup some conversions for partners that we are integrating with. In the IMG the trasactions in question that should be maintained are:



We want to maintain them in each client, not having to transport as we are not able to always have the partner data in synch beween all our clients. Instead we want the transactions to be "open" for direct maintenance.

In our QA environment, we are not able to change these transactions as "Client XXX has status 'not modifiable'".

In parallel I maintain transaction VOE2 and this transaction we can maintain directly in the QA client. For VOE4 I have tried to set the flag "Current settings" in the IMG activity, but I still cannot change the data in our QA client. I can see one difference between VOE2 and VOE4. VOE2 uses a table EDSDC which is an application table. But the IMG activity settings are identical for the two transactions.

How can I get transactions VOE4 and BD55 maintainable without transport in each client?

Please advice.

Best regards,



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change the client settings in SCC4 (to allow changes to customizing objects for the QA client).

The preferred option normally shall be transports as this is a QA system.

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Changing the settings in SCC4 would open up changes to all customizing in the QA client. This is not what we want. We would like to open up only the above transactions. Also these transactions should be open in the productive environment too, thus preventing us to go with the approach of changing the SCC4 settings.

Or maybe I misunderstod your instructions.

The reason we cannot use transport for the transactions in question is that we refer to ship-to partners and sold-to partners, meaning that we would have to synchronize all customer master data from the productive environment to both the QA and dev environments. We do not have that in place today, and we do not want to be limited by that in our QA client. It's not manageable to keep all ship-tos in all clients.

Any other suggestions?


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You can't open the customzing only for some table (I believe), the problem could be the delivery class of the table view for the maintenance: it's C, customizing.

You can try to create a new view as copy of std (V_EDPAR and V_TBD30), here you should change the delivery class.

After use these new tables for maintenance.


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