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Email Smartform to multiple recipients

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We are emailing smartform output to multiple recipients with some regularity.

A request has come through to identify all of the mail recipients a particular output has been emailed to.

For instance a single output has been issued as email to three different recipients.

I am looping through the call to my smartform for each recipient and and passing in the mail parameters.

The structure for recipients (mail_recipient) appears to be flat rather than an internal table.

call function function_name

*call function '/1BCDWB/SF00000002'





control_parameters = control_parameters

mail_appl_obj = o_mail_appl_obj

mail_recipient = o_mail_recipient

mail_sender = o_mail_sender

output_options = ls_output_options

Is there any way to pass in a list of recipents so that the subsequent email message identifies all receipients?


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You can use SAP Office Distrbution List.

Here you can maintian multiple email ( internet ) ids.

In Recipients the rectyp will be "C" .

Mail will goto all three maintained in DIST LIST.


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Thanks for the input Sanjay.

Unfortunately, the distibution is dynamic, based on partners in transaction. Email recipients are identified as partners in a sales transaction based on user input.

I am not certain the distribution list approach would work.

Is there a way to build a virtual distribution list?

Roger Myers

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You can get the OTF back ( LS_CONTROL_PARAM-GETOTF ='X'.

) from SMARTFORM and then use function SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1 to send multiple mails.

We have done this for purchase orders and some other output.


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I had thought of that, we are sending html emails via the so_new_document... FM, that do what we want.

I was just hoping there was a way to do it via the email interface in the Smartform.


Thanks for your help.

Roger Myers