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Efficient and effective Internal Control Structure for Emergency Access IDs that are not FF IDs

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Are there guidelines or best practices to develop and maintain an efficient and effective internal control structure of Elevated/Emergency Access IDs that are not FF IDs ?(i.e. DDIC, OSS_ID, SAP*, etc.)? If I understand correctly, FF ID has internal controls built in via communication, approval, review hierarchies and related business process and owner(s). Is there a way besides (separate, disconnected) review of transaction, system, security logs which seems to require a lot of 'manual communication' across functions which can challenge efficiency and effectiveness? Sorry for the verbose presentation....:)


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Hi David

SAP Note 2253549 - The SAP Security Baseline Template provides baseline configuration recommendations for security settings including management of privileged/sensitive/powerful/super user accounts.

From a monitoring point of view - i.e. validate the implementation and effectiveness of the control you can look into

1. SAP Solution Manager - review alert monitoring, security optimisations, etc services to identify misconfigurations

2. SAP Process Control, SAP Business Integrity Screening or SAP Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD) - monitor and alert for security events or process control issues that may be an indicator of compromise or identify misconfigured settings that weaken the control

These options provide a mix of preventative and detective controls for management of privileged access outside of a Firefighter user management process.