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Dynamic Structure names in Loop

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Hi All,

I am Having a Requirement, for Dynamic structure generation with different Names in a Loop.

Ex: I am Having an Internal Table with 5 Records

Loop at lt_sflight in to Data(ls_wa)


Since i have 5 records inside the Loop i want to generate 5 structure wa1, wa2, wa3, wa4, wa5 and the first record in Lt_sflight should me moved to wa1 and 2nd Record Moved to wa2 and so on.

In the Current Case we cannot predict the Number of records Received,


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You can try something like

data: lv_tabix TYPE string,

lv_struct TYPE string.


lv_tabix = sy-tabix.

CLEAR lv_struct.

CONCATENATE 'wa' lv_tabix INTO lv_struct.

ASSIGN COMPONENT x OF struct (lv_struct) INTO <fs>.


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The assignment operation is Failing that should be assigned from some Field-symbol/Data to the (lv_struct), Nothing was assigning to it