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Dynamic Masking in HANA DB

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1. We see that data masked at the HANA DB level can't be unmasked at the BW layer. Is there a way to trigger (HANA DB) UNMASKING of data from the BW layer?

2. Without using XSA, Is it possible to hide columns (dimensions & measures) in data models and reports dynamically based on session user's access / privileges? E.g. user-A can see all columns when running the report and user-B can only see columns which are not hidden.

3. If it is possible then how does it effect succeeding calculations on the hidden columns?

4. In BW layer, we have applied security based on key figure and colon restrictions on BW objects e.g. CompositeProviders. In the HANA layer, corresponding HANA objects are generated automatically based on the BW objects. Is the security applied at the BW layer replicated into the corresponding object at the HANA layer?

5. Is the "Data Anonymization" only available via XSA? Are there alternatives to achieve Data Anonymization without using XSA?

6. Is it possible to dynamically assign "UNMASKED privilege" (or any other HANA DB PRIVILEGE) to HANA DB users via automation? E.g. via stored procedures, etc.

7. In a sandbox system, HANA DATA MASKING is applied on some fields of a DB TABLE which is then consumed by a Calculation View. The DATA MASKING is visible at the Calculation View level when performing DATA PREVIEW. In a client system, the set-up is replicated however the DATA MASKING is not propagating to the Calculation View level. What could be the reason?