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Dynamic images into a label to print in a Zebra Z4Mplus

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I've to print a label with a fixed logo and a dynamic picture (it depens on the material).

The fixed logo is not a problem, so I use BarOne and it codify the image. Then, when I send the label from SAP to the printer it interprets the logo correctly.

The problem is with the dynamic picture. I cannot put the path of the picture as a variable because the printer doesn't resolve this picture. Then, my question is if anyone have any idea how to do it.

Thank's in advance!


(I thought may be an idea is to convert all the pictures of the materials to hexadecimal and save it into a SAP-text... but I'm looking for something easier).


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Hello Xavier,

I'm afraid (and maybe you to) that you already found the solution. You have to send the pictures as bitmaps to the printer.

If you need only a limited number of bitmaps, you might think about downloading them into printers memory.

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Thank's Juergen!

So, now the troubles are delimited...

Next question is, how to convert the images (.bmp) to hexadecimal? Exists any program to do it?

Thanks in advance!

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se78 is the answer!

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Hi Xavi

I have a Similar Requirement , Printing dynamic Images on Label.

How did you fix this problem? Please let me know.