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Duplicate Invoice Check

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Hi All,

I need help on duplicate invoice check. According to customer requirements condition for invoice to be declared as duplicate should be reference document number. But standard functionality provides on posting date, document reference number etc.

I have tried the following solution provided by many experts (using TCODE FIBF) :

􀂾 Make sure the application is active for Business Transaction Events.

􀂾 Identify the BTE

􀂾 Copy the sample interface function module into a "Zu201D or u201CYu201D function module.

􀂾 Write the ABAP code into the source code section of the new "Zu201D or u201CYu201D function module. You may choose to create a "Zu201D or u201CYu201D program to enter the code into and then insert the "Z" or u201CYu201D program into your function module source code.

􀂾 Save and activate the function module.

􀂾 Assign the function module to the event, country and application.

But it is not working. After debugging i couldnt find where the BTE is called. I am posting invoice through FB60.

Thanks in advance your help will be appreciated.


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Through the customizing you can disable the duplicate invoice check and using one of the BTE like 1450 to check the duplicate invoice for vendor with specific validation.

Hope this helps your question.