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Dunning letter with Adobe Form

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Dear all, We changed our dunning letters from Smartforms to Adobe Forms ... I changed everything in FIBF en F150, but when I try to start a dunning layout I always get an error "CALL_FUNCTION_PARM_MISSING" ... When I take a closer look via ST22, I see that the error occurs in function PRINT_DUNNING_NOTICE_PDF which is default SAP ... Within this function I see that the code to call the layout is still referring to the old layout (smartforms) ... Because of that there are too much parameters that are passed to the function that calls the layout ... Must there something be generated to change the call of the function ? Greetz, Kurt.


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In interface for the Adobe Forms you can set type of the interface. You can use same as smartforms. Maybe this will help you.



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Dear Lukasz,

Thanks for your answer ...

Changing this type does not solve the problem ... The parameters remains so the problem remains also ... Unfortunately, this does not solve my problem ...



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As there is standard print program you cannot omit the parameters in your Adobe Form interface. I've looked into that FM and the interface is ABAP type so you have to change it back in your form Interface to that type and add all parameters which are passed in that FM, doesn't matter if you use them or not.

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The problem ihas nothing to do with the additional parameters ...

When we create an Adobe Form, we have some parameters in the relevant interface ... When we create our output, we have to use a function to determine the name of the function that need to be used to display the form (FP_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME) and afterwards we call the function (with the generated name that we get from the above mentioned function) with the parameters (which match with the interface on the Adobe form) ... And that is the big problem ... It seems not possible to change the function that calls the generated functionname ...

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Do you thing your problem is retrieving the good pattern to call adobe function?

If yes, you can go to SFP in your development system, input your form, click on "Test" button...

Then you get the function module name that you can use in your program with pattern functionnality on functions...

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Hi Kurt,

Are you sure the correct function module, in your case PRINT_DUNNING_NOTICE_PDF, is called?

If not check transaction FIBF --> SAP application --> event 00001720 if the correct function module is registered.

We have encountered some problems implementing the Adobe dunning besides the old SAP Script dunning. Then we registered a custom function module in FIBF to make sure for the locations required the Adobe stuff is called using PRINT_DUNNING_NOTICE_PDF with a custom copy form F150_DUNN_SF which btw uses a custom copy of interface F150_DUNN_SF_INTF enriched with additional parameters. And of course the call to the form is slightly modified in PRINT_DUNNING_NOTICE_PDF to pass the additional parameters.



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Hi Kurt,

Refer to link

Also please check if you are using the correct dunning function module.

the correct function module is FI_PRINT_DUNNING_NOTICE_PDF         -           Adobe forms

Hope this helps.


Tooshar Bendale