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Dump while trying to display details from an ALV grid with colors

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I am trying to display the details from an ALV with colored cells, program is ending with a dump. I used COLOR internal table in the output display internal table as a column.


This is the sequence that I am displaying my ALV

  • ALV Color table

DATA: tbl_color TYPE slis_t_specialcol_alv WITH HEADER LINE.

  • Internal table for ALV display

DATA : BEGIN OF tbl_scorecard OCCURS 0,





*-- Color column to set color for individual columns

color TYPE slis_t_specialcol_alv, " Color column

END OF tbl_scorecard.

  • in field catalog

tbl_color-fieldname = text-013.

tbl_color-color-col = c_th.

tbl_color-color-int = c_one.

tbl_color-color-inv = c_one.

APPEND tbl_color.

  • in layout mentioned the color column table

st_alv_layout-coltab_fieldname = 'COLOR'.

Please help me out in avoiding this dump.


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What is the dump that you are getting ?

And what is the purpose of the internal table tbl_color ?


Anand Mandalika.

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Hi Sree

Firstly, you should fill color tab for each row of the data table. That is you append <i>tbl_color</i> to <i>tbl_scorecard-color</i> for each data row. Remember, adding "color", your data table is now has a deep structure.

In color table the <i>"fieldname"</i> field must not contain a name which does not exist in the <b>field catalog (!)</b>, otherwise you get dump.


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hi Serdar Simsekler

Thank u very much for the reply. it helped me sove my problem



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Hi Sree

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