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I'm getting a "LIST_TOO_MANY_LPROS" dump but I can't seem to figure out to fix it. I know there is SET and LEAVE as the commands to switch between screens and I've tried both. BasicallyI have a Normal screen with 3 Subscreen's that links to another Normal screen with 5 Subscreen's. The user stays in the transaction all day and goes between both Normal screens all day long. There's no issues when they go between Normal screens and Subscreen's only when they go between the 2 Normal screens 50 times then it dumps with "LIST_TOO_MANY_LPROS". Any ideas?


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It's basically showing because of the maximum permitted number of nested screen levels is

restricted to 50.

1) Use leave to transaction u2018TCODEu2019 to close all Screens at the end of the program.

2) Try to convert it into different programs and then use submit and returns.

3) Donu2019t use call transaction itu2019s creating Multiple screen. Ex. Write 1 small code

CALL TRANSCTION u2018SE16u2019 .

write u2018 Hiu2019.

run this code and then press back button .

4) use any leave to transaction or Submit and return like tcodes it will help to avoid this dump.


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I found a way to more or less eliminate the issue. I call screen 200 from screen 100 but when I go back from 200 to 100 I use leave to tranaction to call screen 100. There's still a few ways they can get the error now but they don't use the program in a manner that will hit those cases so it should be good. Thanks for the idea.

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I was having he same problem and was getting the same error LIST_TOO_MANY_LPROS . After using leave transaction , the current screen gets closed and it goes to the new screen. But if i want to go back to the previous screen then what do I do?? When i click on the back button, it takes me back to the SAP easy access screen.