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Dump If number of sessions are more than 6

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Hi Folks,

I am facing an DUMP issue occurring at background (I can see that in ST22) . Details are given below.

There is a module-pool application which displays number of items say 1 to 10.

Double clicking on any item opens another new session and displays a PDF form in that session.(New Task)

New parallel session is created by  "CALL FUNCTION 'Z_DISPLAY_PDF' STARTING NEW TASK lv_task".

FM Z_DISPLAY_PDF' calls a screen 9000 which basically displays the PDF.

Logic for PDF display is written under PBO of screen 9000 and using class

Data g_html_control- type ref to cl_gui_html_viewer. and then

* Load the HTML

       CALL METHOD g_html_control->load_data(......) 

*Above method return lv_url

        g_html_control->show_url( url = lv_url )

Default container screen is used for this.

Now the problem is : If I tried to open a new session(new form), then it leads to a DUMP at the background and message comes to me as shown above in foreground If 6 sessions are already opened.

As a standard process (based on RZ10) if 6 sessions are already open, then for 7th session we get a information message but not dump.

Similarly sometimes we get message shown above also , but not a dump.

I would also like to share..if instead of displaying PDF, if I call any transaction multiple times inside Function does not lead me to dump   although I get error message like above.

So do I need to flush..or refresh or..handle exception at any place ?

Plz suggest.

Thanks in advance




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Additionally I found FM AC_SYSTEM_FLUSH is failing and raising

* maximal number of modi reached



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Dear for this you need to check run time by code how many session is already opened for the same.

If its 6. then on pressing of button, you need to show a error message.

You can increase the no. of session. for more follow the link..

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Thnx for the response.First part is relevant.

Going for increasing sessions is ideally not approachable.Changing system parameter in RZ10/11 have some other dependency.

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Yes, On the link also this is mentioned. First check with basis person then try to do this thing...

anyways your problem is solved, Enjoy

Good day..


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Program/application is not running in background..

As I mentioned..I am only getting DUMP(at background) which I can see in ST22.

DUMP is not coming in foreground.

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Check Note 710920.

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Thanks bro..for the straight solution like Rajnikant's bullet

I checked the note and it's purely relevant.

Well Job