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Drop down to show invoice details and recalc.

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I've made an ABAP report in SE38, it uses ALV grid, in first column it shows invoice numbers, and other columns are some other relevant data, such as material number, material name, partner ID etc.

The next step I need to do is, when I click on an invoice number (or double click, it doesn't matter), I need it to show me all the invoice recalculations for that specific (original) invoice to which all the recalculations are referred (they have a reference ID which is the same as the original invoice number). I need this done/shown in the same ALV grid, right under the original invoice that I have clicked on, so it would look like, let's say, a dropdown.

I don't have a problem writing a Select query for this, I just don't know where to start or where to look in order to make it look like this on the screen.

Any hints or suggestions?



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If it is in the same ALV grid, you need to use something like color to distinguish the different type of line.

maybe it's more simple to use split container & display another ALV grid with the details.



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This one is fun. The search you need to do is not intuitive.

Please do a google search on:

sap split alv

Or here's my Teched example, if it is something simple: