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Driver Program

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Hi friends,

What is driver program in Script form associated with it

What is Print Program

I need how to execute "SDPACKLI."

Can I directly Execute to see the output or what I have to do to see the preview


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Basically to know the driver program and the script associated with it, go to table TNAPR.

You need to know the Output Type like : ZFF2,

Transmission medium : like 1 for print output and

Application: like V3 for billing.



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hi sunil,

usually smartforms and scripts are not execuatble, they are triggered using tcode. for examlpe to the output of Pur Ord v have to go to ME21N or ME9F tcode and do some settings.

To achiecve this v have to configure the prog name and layout name in NACE tcode for particular Application and output type. this is generally Functonal work.

TNAPR is the table to see prog name and respective layout or in NACE itself.



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U've just create a post with the same problem, u should close the old ones before writing a new one.

Just as I asnwerd you SDPACKLI is the program to manage (drive) the print for packing list, you can run it (so you run SDPACKLI) by transactions of delivery VL01N, VL02N and VL03N and massive print VL71.

U make sure the message type for the packing list is corrected setted by trx NACE.


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Driver's programs are used to drive other programs e.g. for Dialog Programs, Module pool reports are written and the underlying programs are excuted only using the dialog screens. They can't be executed directly. Like the same way, driver's program are used in SAP Scripts and Printing related programs.

you have to fid it out which SAP Scripts it is refering to or which print program is it referring to and execute tht vey script.

Especially Print Program is termed when we use SCripts(The Program used to call the script).

If you want to see the Preview:

Search where the OPEN_FORM Function Modeule is in your Program SDPACKLI(BY DOUBLE CLICKING EACH AND SUBROUTINES don't worry it is in RVADOPFO Prgram Make Dialog = 'X' in OPEN_FORM IN ZRVADOPFO PROGRAM WHICH IS TO COPIED AS ZRVADOPFO ).You better to Copy the SDPACKLI program as ZSDPACKLI and then work on it.

There one import parameter called DIALOG,to that Pass 'X' to see the pre-view otherwise pass ' '(space).

I hope now can struggle easily.

If you still not understood,Let me know it.

Then i will clarify Clearly.

Reward points if it helps you.


Rama chary.Pammi

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SF will creates FM , So find out FM of ur SF and search where used list from SE37 for that FM.

do the same way for FM SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME and search only in ur DEVELOPMENT class then u will get sorted list only.

there is no such from where u can get this data easly.