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Downloading file passing File Path in the FM as well as Retain Values in XL

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Hi Experts,

I am writing a report where it is required that I have an option for the user, in selection srceen, to have an F4 help to choose the file path they want. The same should be further used to automatically download the internal table into an excel file.

I was initially using GUI_DOWNLOAD which seemed to work fine except that certain values were not being retained in the download file, For example , the leading zero in "02" and the value "2-6-21" gets updated in date format automatically as 02-06-2011.

To avoid the above I tried using the FM XXL_FULL_API which retains this value but it does not seem to have an option where I can pass the file path to download on the presentation . Instead we need to manually save the excel file when it is generated.

Could you help me with how to proceed with this, in a way where I can pass the file path as well as retain the values in excel?

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Thanks in advance.



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The easiest way to make excel retain the values and not apply any formatting on cells is to add a quote in front of those fields...

e.g. '02 and '2-6-21. Then you can use the gui_download method...

Those values will then be considered as text by excel and you won't be bother with auto-formatting issue...

There are of course other ways of doing it...(via OLE e.g)



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Hi Manu,

Thank you for the reply.

I still have a concern though, that being, when I include the single quote by concatenating, it comes as an extra character in my excel file. That is, my file has '02 and not as just "02".

Is there a work around that I am missing?