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Download Gui Status

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Hi Frnd's,

How to download the GUI_STATUS of a particular Program using


How to retrieve the GUI_STATUS name of the corresponding program and what r the function modules to be used for

downloading it.

Thanks in Advance



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You can use the function module " REPOSITORY_INFO_SYSTEM

" to get the list of GUI_STATUS for a given program.

Using this, you can download it to Excel.



Action = S

ENCLOSING_OBJECT = "Yur program name"

Suppress selection = 'X'.



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Hi Elini,

what is that object_type parameter in the REPOSITORY_INFO_SYSTEM function.

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Hi Suganya,

Object type should be = "PROG_STATUS".

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Hi Frnd's

I have retrieved the guistatus values using the Function Module 'RS_CUA_GET_STATUS' but i cant able to download it.

Bcoz the fucntion module returns 3 or 4 tables with values then how to download using the 'GUI_DOWNLOAD'.

Thanks in Advance


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I am trying to do the same and i am using:



You must create it with this but i think RS_CUA_COPY_STATUS will have the necessary code on it.

That it is possible with this.

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hope the below function modules help..

1. GUI_STATUS_DISPLAY; GUI Functions for CL_Status

2. GUI_STATUS_HISTORY; GUI Functions for CL_Status_History

3. RECA_GUI_SET_APPL_PFSTATUS;Reusable Status, Title Object etc.

4. RECA_GUI_STATUS_MAINTAIN;Subscreen for Status Management

5. SET_DD_GUI_STATUS;Set status of a CUA interface

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chk this thread

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i think it is not possible ..

u have to recreate it.

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It is possible to download and upload the GUI Status from one system to another, through files or RFC.

This is quite similar to the functioning of FM 'RS_CUA_COPY_STA'. The target program should have at least one GUI Status ( a dummy/placeholder) though.

Use a custom programm with the FM 'RS_CUA_INTERNAL_FETCH' to download the GUI data from the source program in the source system to some local file on your PC, and FM 'RS_CUA_INTERNAL_WRITE' in a custom program on the target system to upload the data from your local file and update the GUI Status of the target program.