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download as a CSV file

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hi all,

I have created a ALV , and i am trying to download it as a CSV file , but when i got the file , the issue occurs:

as you know , the columns in CSV file is seperate by ' , ' , but one of my column is currency , the value is ' 123.456,789 ' for example .

so this column must be seperated because it contains ' , '. Is there a way to solve this ? how should i show ' , ' in CSV file ?

kind regards



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Hi Kevin,

If you are using the standard ALV export file routines the currency should already be handled.

If you are coding this yourself then any number field that has a ',' needs to be surrounded by double quotes.

For example

999,999.99 needs to be output as "999,999.99",

Excel treats the double quotes as part of the field delimiter and removes them.


David Cooper

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hi David ,

i am not clear about this , i use a function CALL FUNCTION 'SAP_CONVERT_TO_CSV_FORMAT' to get

gt_down1 (TYPE truxs_t_text_data) , which contain the content of a line . i add " " between the fields , but it doesn't work ,

so , please tell me how to use this ?



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hi ,

thanks , i have solve this issue. it's my mistake , thanks for quick answer.

best regards