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Down payment request for assets using bapi_acc_document_post

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Hi guys(girls)!,

I<< priority reduced >>

I'm posting a down payment request to an asset with a z program using bapi_acc_document_post. Everything is fine, but, when i go to fb03 to check the generated document i don't see the asset number associated to the purchase doc. When i go to bseg to check, i don't see the asset number and the subnumber. I lack just these to fields even i'm passing the values to correct fields in bapiacgl09.

This is the values i'm passing:

wa_acctgl-itemno_acc = iterator.

wa_acctgl-gl_account = lv_skont.

wa_acctgl-vendor_no = p_vendor.

wa_acctgl-doc_type = p_tipdoc.

wa_acctgl-item_text = p_txtcab.

wa_acctgl-po_number = p_ponum.

wa_acctgl-po_item = s_ekpo-ebelp.

wa_acctgl-serial_no = imp_no.

wa_acctgl-asset_no = wa_ekkn-anln1.

wa_acctgl-sub_number = wa_ekkn-anln2.

wa_acctgl-acct_type = 'A'.

wa_acctgl-CS_TRANS_T = '100'.

wa_acctgl-asval_date = sy-datum.

APPEND wa_acctgl TO gt_acctgl.

CLEAR wa_acctgl.

Please help!.

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I think that you are doing a reception of an invoice (like with tcode FB60). Maybe if you do it with ACC_INVOICE_RECEIPT it'd work. I suggest to see SAP Note 306504 - Collective note: BAPIs for the AC interface.

I hope this helps you



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Hi Eduardo, what i'm trying to do is a down payment request for an asset. Indeed, i do the post. My problem is that the asset main number and the asset subnumber are not getting saved in bseg, so when i go to fb03 and double click on a line item, i got prompt to fb03 in visualize mode, and the fixed asset field is blank.

I have now a week trying to get the asset main number and the asset subnumber getting saved in bseg. I note that i have other field that are not getting saved 'cause i'm not passing the value thru the bapi. This field is LNRAN.

If you or anybody have a clue how to solve this, i would appreciate the help.

Ramón Vargas

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Have you debugged to ensure that the WA_EKKN values are populated?

Have you checked the return table to look for messages?


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Yes, i already debbuged the report. It generates a document number. Everything is fine, but when i do it manually by f-47, i note that in bseg the following fields are filled meanwhile when i do it using my program not.

Asset Main Number - ANLN1.

Asset SubNumber - ANLN2.

Sequence number - LNRAN.


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What about the return table? Are there any information or warning messages?


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Line: 1

Type: S


Number: 605

Message: Document posted successfully: BKPFF 170001809610002011 DEVCLNT235

Line: 2

Type: W


Number: 000

Message: Item 0000000001 contains commitment item with financial transaction other than 30


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The commitment item warning shouldn't be a proglem. At this point, it's probably time to send it to OSS. The worst that can happen is that they'll tell you it's a consulting issue.


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Thanks anyway. I'll do as you said.