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Does anyone know how to create a Change Document for a standard table?


Hi Everyone,

My boss would like me to figure out how to create a change document for a standard table in SAP in which the table will then be able to be tracked using CDHdR and CDPOS. I have been googling the topic but there does not seem to be much on the subject. I know that you setup the document using SCDO and you have to make sure tracking is on using SE11 but I am stuck after that point since the tracking does not work. Is there a program code I have to update or another step I need to take?

Thank you for any help you can give me,



Active Contributor

I've requested the moderators to move this question to ABAP Development tag where it'd be more likely to get any answers. From the way the question is written I gather you're not an ABAP Developer, so this is taken into consideration in the answer below.

In general - yes, it could be insufficient just to mark the field in SE11. Since this is about standard SAP tables, I'm guessing there must be also a standard SAP transaction that updates those tables. That transaction should be specifically programmed to create the change documents. If it's not programmed to do so (or programmed to track specific fields for any reason), then it doesn't matter what flags we set - it just won't do anything.

In general, change document creation is largely driven by the ABAP code. I'd suggest to hire an ABAP developer for this task.