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DME file generation

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Hi all,

Actually I have to generate a DME file. In two columns in the file I should display the sum of all amounts of the invoices paid to the vendor and the amount of one invoice(that invoice amount will be in one record and if the vendor has another invoice, that invoice amount should be displayed as another record with differernt number indicator in the file).In the program inside loop and endloop , the REGUP and REGUH invoice amounts are displayed in the fields previously whcih is the line item of one invoice. Can anyone explain what happens to the tables REGUH and REGUP when the payment program is run. or can anyone brief me waht happens in a payment program.




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Hello Asha,

I am not sure for which country u are using this payment medium. But in general process is the paymnet program uses table REGUH and REGUP tables to extract data. REGUH contains the header records like run date etc.. for which the collection of records from REGUP happens. In ur case as I understand u should have detail line which will hold individual invoice amts with one chara field indicating running number.

No. Amt

001 123.45

002 222.34

secondly at header level u can collect all the amt and put into header record which will hold total.

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Hi Abhijit,

Can you please tell me if a proposal is created in F110, will there be any entries(payment document number details) inserted to the tables REGUH and REGUP.

Thanks in Advance.



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I never used DME before.

I have been assigned to convert payment files to bank standards.

pls guide me how to startup