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Distribution model and partner profile configuration without transport request

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I have a requirement to configure Outbound MATMAS IDOC. I am new to Idoc concept. while creating Distribution model and partner profiles system is not asking for any transport request. even when i compare BD64 screen of Development system with our Quality and Production systems there is a difference.

Somebody confirm without transport request shall we configure BD64 and WE20 directly in Quality and Production? who's responsibility to create these steps in Quality and production. ABAPer or Functional?

once IDOC configuration is done what are all the programs do we need to Execute to send MATMAS data Fully to receiver's system?


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Hello kirankumark

Both distribution models and partner profiles are master data. Therefore they don't require transport requests and need to be maintained in each system separately.

If you are concerned about ALE settings consistencies, you can distribute ALE distribution model view - see SAP Help Distributing the Distribution Model

Then the modeling is as follows:

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

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Hi Dominik,

Thanks for your Response. Could you please confirm about below points related to Change pointers as well

1. we have configured change pointers in our system, i would like to know weather it will work whenever we create new material OR only when we make changes to existing material.

2. what is the process flow to send new material as well as changes for the old materials to the receiver system using change pointer?

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Partner profile can be generated based on distribution model. However that only applies to ALE partner profiles. Not to EDI partner profiles. And ALE partner profiles do not require a distribution model.

It is also possible to distribute a distribution model by IDOC. Do do so in transaction WE20 (Maintain partner profile) click on the partner for which you want to distribute the distribution model. Then select 'IDoc output' (Ctrl-F8) in the menu. That will create an outbound SYPART IDOC (Transfer from partner profiles) holding IDOC partner profile data.

There is only an outbound processing module for this SYPART IDOC. There is no inbound processing module. So I guess the purpose of this IDOC is to make it possible SAP partner profile to external non-SAP partners. However it is also possible to create an inbound SAP Processing module for this SYPART IDOC. That allows you to distribute partner profile to other SAP clients or systems. Please find attached ABAP conde for an inbound processing module for these SYPART IDOC's.