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Display Labels using chart engine

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i am generating charts using chart engine and want to show labels. I tried this code with out XML classes. I am using this in call transformation. This draws the chart but doesnot show label. I am using showlabel and format elements to display label, but no luck. can somebody help?


<?sap.transform simple?>

<tt:transform xmlns:tt="">

<tt:root name="CHART_TYPE"/>

<tt:root name="CAPTION"/>

<tt:root name="CATEGORIES"/>

  <tt:root name="SERIES"/>


   <SAPChartCustomizing version="2.1">












            <tt:value ref="CHART_TYPE"/>





       <tt:loop ref="CATEGORIES">






      <tt:loop ref="SERIES">


           <tt:attribute name="label"> <tt:value ref="LABEL"/>  </tt:attribute>

          <tt:attribute name="customizing">  <tt:value ref="ID"/>  </tt:attribute>

          <tt:loop ref="VALUES">


               <Value type="y">  <tt:value/> </Value>











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Hi Sarika Sharma,

Use these XML tags in the header section to make the labels visible.


<tt:root name="TITLE"/>

<tt:root name="CATEGORY_AXIS_TITLE"/>

<tt:root name="VALUE_AXIS_TITLE"/>

Please let me know the status of your problem.

Thanks & regards,

Arun Prasath Kumar.