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Display currency unit field in FM reuse_alv_grid_display

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Hi friends,

I am using ALV list, I want to display the currency field as a column in the list , also the '$' sign should get displayed in the amount field .

I have used the logic given in the SAP help, but i am unable to display the currency unit.

can anybody help me out .

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.


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Hi Use

populate cfieldname in your fieldcatalog.



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Hi Poonam,

I think you cannot have the $ sign in the same amount field if you have declared it as a TYPE CURR field.

YOu can have an extra field, immediately after the Amount Field which has a value '$' in it.

If you want to have the dollar sign in the field itself, then concatenate the amount field and '$' sign into a common field and build a field catalog for that field.

But there is an inherent disadvantage with this approach that you will not be able to have utilities like totals, subtotals etc.

Welcome to SDN..:)



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try that :

[code]WRITE: amount TO wchar USING EDIT MASK 'RR$ _________________'.[/code]


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Hi if possible use another coloum before the currency coloumn and populate it with the '$'.

This will sove ur problem.


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Hi Satish,

You need separate column. So you must have additional field in internal table. Create a char like field and assign ‘$’ symbol to all rows (if your requirement is only with ‘$’ symbol).