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Display Country in Ship to party box in invoice form

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Hello Gurus,

I have a question :

I have an invoice with a ship to party in China country. In the standard invoice form, in the ship to party box the country 'China' is not appearing whereas for other countries such as France, USA etc the country is being displayed. Is it possible to display the country 'China'

In the form, the ship to party adress is being displayed using the standard tool Address. There are some Address specifications here, here are the current values :

Output Starts with Paragraph T2

Number of Lines to be Used 5

Sending Country CN

It seems that is the same case for the box Sold to party.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,



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Any help on my issue.

Thank you

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Dear Christophe,

In the OY07 transaction set the "Address layout key" for the country China as 022.
It should display the country name in the printform.

Best regards,
Peter Nemeth