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Disable the standard menu option

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How do I disable the option for custom or standard screen menu on the top left corner of each screenu2026..(extreme top left menu option)

Like when u click it you get u2026u2026..Restore, Stop Transaction and Create Sessionu2026u2026u2026u2026options.....i want to disable this options.....



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This is possible if you use the concept of transaction variants.

You need to go to SHD0 transaction, do the recording for the corresponding transaction where you want the menu to be hidden. In the transaction variants, you can select the menu field(Available in GUiT button the screen recordings) and select Output only/Disable. Finally Save the transaction variant.

If you activate the transaction variant as standard transaction variant, when you call the standard transaction, the transaction variant will be called and you can see the menu disabled.

This holds good for screen fields disabling/defaulting.

Hope this helps



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Hi Siva,

This would not work........throw some light on this....when you start recording how will the menu option called "Create Session" would be traced out???

I mean this option is not coming out in the fields after recording to make it disabled????Correct me if i'm wrong......try this my creating you own custom program and custom screen......i want this in custom screen which would be a dialog box......check any dialog box menu option on the extream left corner of the box at top.........i'm talking about that.......

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I don't think you can influence this option by any UI programming techniques, it is a function of SAPgui.

You might get more chance of an answer to your question by posting in the SAPgui forum.



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Hello Khan...

Did you get solution for your query? If so can you please help us with the same? I have got this blog from Google.

Thank you