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Different version of standard structure

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Hi everyone,

I was working with the structure CMDS_EI_MAIN and after some point of CMDS_EI_VMD_CENTRAL_DATA I needed to use the field STCD5.

Here is the problem.

I'm currently working with 2 workspace, each from different server.

I noticed that this structure lates update from SAP was in server X --> 2019 and server Z --> 2012.

Because of that, the server Z still doesn't have the STCD5.

Is there any way to upgrade this structure?

Thank you all


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Did you already search for OSS notes relevant for the oldest system (11 years without update, really?)

(eg. 3086433 - Type STCD5 is unknown or 1819429 - STCD5 field is not considered during CVI)

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Upgrade? Of course, upgrade the whole system, not just one structure.