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differences in 4.6 and ECC 6

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Hi friends,

Can some one forward me the details of differences in version 4.6 and ECC 6

Thanks and regards.



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for 1:


1)SAP 4.7 has a more structured approach as compared to SAP 4.6C from a

technical perspective. It is based on technology, which is actually

the Web Application Server 6.2C. This not only includes SAP Basis Technologies

with their latest advancements but also the new features of SAP Web AS 6.20.

2) SAP 4.7 is more structured even from a functional perspective as this version

has been developed after functional and infrastructure developments of earlier

SAP R/3 4.6C.

3) In SAP 4.7 the functional and infrastructure developments are made on separate

levels. The functional developments are made in the Enterprise Extensions and

infrastructure developments are made in the Enterprise Core unlike SAP 4.6C in

which both the developments take place within the systems.

4) SAP in its Web AS has additional enhancements in the form of package concept,

global parameterization with business configuration sets, Unicode compliance

and accessibility that are not present in 4.6C.

5) SAP 4.7 Core supports the above-mentioned enhancements that SAP 4.6C does


6) SAP 4.7 unlike 4.6C has Enterprise Extensions that can be separately deployed

and have their own releases.

For 2:

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Refer this link:

look at the bottom of abap key word docu (F1)

in ABAP Changes in Release ...

Also check....

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Hi Prabhash,

there is no document in SAP provided that will give you clear difference between two versions. (mind it not release notes not giving u the diffrence)

u can check the link:

it is helpfull.

except i can give u some hints:

1. for ur Z programs replace match codes with search help.

2. replace FM like UPLOAD, WS_UPLOAD with GUI_UPLOAD

3. check all the BDC"s; screen sequence has been changed

4. Check the menu paths, if functional guys acces through menu paths directly

5. All data will be safely updated from 4.6B to ECC6.0; no worry

6. there is a chnage is debugger of ABAP editor

others you will find at real time.



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One way to search for difference is to check release notes.

go to menu <b>help -> release note</b>.

Select version you want to compare with installed version.

You will get package list. For a Abaper BC and CA component is more interest.

You can navigate to subpackage and check what SAP has introduced in new version.