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Difference in statements

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If i write in my program :

get lfa1.

get lfb1.


get lfb1.

get lfa1.

What difference it makes ? Is it : get lfa1 gets some records based on it selection ( say country US ) ,

then get lfb1 will get records ( for ccode 1000 selection) from what lfa1 returned ??

I would rellly appreciate if anyone who knows ldb help me out ...I m stuck


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I think there is no difference.

Each logical database has own selection screen and logic to read the data and pass it back the result.

Please check this link perhaps it may help.


Ferry Lianto

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Thanks Ferry , this report uses the ldb kdf and in normal course it was designed to fetch the records based on the selection screen ( designed for the report ) .

Now , they want to use the Dynamic selection screen too ...!! So , i went in and put the get lfa1 statement where it did the SELECT code in the start of selection , but i couldnt make it work for the Company code lfb1...!!

The concpet of using the ldb is unclear ...if i do get lfb1 and then get lfa1 late gets records one by one to match ( for lfb1-lifnr = lfa1-lifnr )them in lfa1 doesnt make sense....!!