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Difference: Batch & Direct Input

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Hi Friends,

What are the differences between Batch Input and Direct Input method in data migration?

In which scenario we use IDoc and BAPI options in (first step) LSMW?




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Hi Hari,

Legacy Data Transfer Using Batch Input Procedure (Program RAALTD01)

When you use the batch input procedure, the system creates a batch input session containing the legacy data, and automatically processes this session. This method supplies the legacy data transaction of the Asset Accounting (FI-AA) component with data. The system writes any transfer records that have errors to an error session for later manual processing.

Legacy Data Transfer Using Direct Data Input Procedure (Program RAALTD11)

When you use the direct data input procedure, the system writes the legacy transfer data directly to the appropriate tables in the Asset Accounting component. The system writes any assets that have errors to an error file. This procedure normally offers improved performance, as compared to the batch input procedure. However, there are certain limitations as regards the input data and errors.

for use of BAPI,

use of idoc in lsmw,



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I see these 2 as different questions.

Batch input is a method to upload mass data in batch (nightly jobs etc). Direct input method can also be scheduled for nightly jobs, but they are different in uploading the data into the system. Function modules, update statements are used in direct input method. Batch input program can use call transaction or std SAP programs to upload data. Depending on the load of data, you might want to decide whether to use batch input or direct input method in migration project. Batch input method is better for handling more data load.

IDocs are used in between 2 SAP systems (not between SAP & non-SAP systems). BAPIs are again Function modules that are called for mass upload. These can also be leveraged for SAP systems.

Again, you can schedule IDOCs processing through batch mode (nightly jobs) if the load is more.