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Differance beween Ecc User and EP user

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Can u help For below Problem

I need to find whether user logined through Ecc Or EP In Sap ,Based on that i need to put some validations. Because same application using in ECC and EP  based on that In ECC user have some validations and EP user also have some validations .I tried but i did not get any difference .



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Please check the table USR01 in ECC and UME_STRINGS  table for EP.


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If same user exist in both ECC and EP,

how to find whether he entered to  application through ECC or EP .

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The difference can be seen in transaction SM04 - User list.

For SAP GUI login, type of user is GUI.

For EP login, type could be RFC or Plugin HTTP.

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You could try to call some methods like  cl_gui_control=>www_active or cl_gui_control=>gui_is_running.



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I need to find the difference at Runtime in application,not in transaction level

and i tried with

cl_gui_control=>www_active method  at Ep level its not returning any value


cl_gui_control=>gui_is_running at ECC level its not returning any value .

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I found Temporary Solution that is while user login through EP

Then Sy-cprog conatins HTTP

so If SY-CPROG CS 'HTTP . "user logined from EP

        else."user logined from ECC


if any one  find other sol.for this Problem please Post it here .