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differance between upload and ws_upload except dilog window

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Hi all,

let me know there are any other differance other than differance between upload and ws_upload except dilog window.

Thanks and Regards


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hi Chandra,

Both upload and ws_upload does the same functionality, that is transfere data from presentation server to application server or from PC to SAP system(to an internal table).

There are very few difference between the two.

1 Upload requires a User Interaction for uploading i.e., user has to respond to the dialog boxes that appear WS_Upload does not. You just need to specify the file location in the function input parameters itself.

2 upload - u can give the file in run time wsupload - u have to give in Function module

3 upload is meant to be used by abappers. ws_upload is meant to be called by SAP. It is not a standard ABAP command.

4 ws_upload is Obsolete : No longer supported by SAP. Use GUI_UPLOAD instead.



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The fm WS_UPLOAD was the first version of fm to get a file from presentation server, now from 4.6 it's obsolete, the new fm is GUI_UPLOAD.

The fm UPLOAD is the fm used in several applications, like ABAP editor, to upload the file.

In the some versions (it depends on patch level) UPLOAD can call WS_UPLOAD (or GUI_UPLOAD).


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'upload' internally calls 'ws_upload', that's the difference.