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Diffence between upgrade and reimplementation

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Can somebody explain me the difference b/w upgrade and reimplementation project...?

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In an Upgrade project, you uograde to a higher version of SAP, so you apply all Upgrade notes, and this may result in change in a few SAP standard and custom programs.

Re-Implementation is Implementing the same modules, from scratch I assume, the only reason why a company would want to do this is when they have major changes in the way the business works.

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One way to look at this is Upgrade is from an older version to a newer version .

Lets say some company has a very old version, but as the version gets older SAP ( or any other company) stops supporting it. Also the new technologies in the new versions make more sense for the company, so they have to Upgrade.

Re-implementation would be removing the present implementation for whatever reason ( most likely a failure to implement properly) and trying it again.

If you have a successful implementation of SAP, you'r just going to upgrade.