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diff between all views

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hi all,

can any body tell me the diff between all views

projection view ,database view,maintance view,help view

plz tell me the difference with a example

hope for positive reponse


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Database views are implemented by an inner join, that is, only records of the primary table (selected via the join operation) for which the corresponding records of the secondary tables also exist are fetched. Inconsistencies between primary and secondary table could, therefore, lead to a reduced selection set.In database views, the join conditions can be formulated using equality relationships between any base fields. In the other types of view, they must be taken from existing foreign keys. That is, tables can only be collected in a maintenance or help view if they are linked to one another via foreign keys.

Projection views are used to suppress or mask certain fields in a table (projection), thus minimizing the number of interfaces. This means that only the data that is actually required is exchanged when the database is accessed.A projection view can draw upon only one table. Selection conditions cannot be specified for projection views.

Maintenance View ( SE54 )

Maintenance views enable a business-oriented approach to looking at data, while at the same time, making it possible to maintain the data involved. Data from several tables can be summarized in a maintenance view and maintained collectively via this view. That is, the data is entered via the view and then distributed to the underlying tables by the system

Help view:

Help views can be used as a selection method in Search Helps. This is necessary especially if a view with outer join is required for the value selection in the search help. Since database views always implement an inner join, a help view must be selected as selection method in such cases.

For help view -

For maintenance view -


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Project view is a view to project some fields of the table , that is if you want only few fields of the table then create a project view of that table.

Maintenance view used OUTER JOIN so this is used to enter data into multiple tables using the SM30 transaction.

HELP VIEW also uses OUTER JOIN and is used as a selection method of Search helps. Basically you will give some selection conditions here if you want to rsitrcit the data.

Databae view uses INNER JOIN and it is basically to read data from multiple tables.



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There are four separate, types of views:

Database view

- Defined just as a table is defined within the database

- one or more related tables may be used

- only transparent tables may be used

Help view

- Accessed from within transactions

- accessed only from within SAP Help

- Open SQL and Native SQL cannot access

- only 1:1 and 1:C relationships are possible

Projection view

- Allows suppression of some fields within transparent table displays

Maintenance view

- Enables table maintenance via SM30

- allows specific customizing transactions



· A view is like a table but lacking content – it is a Virtual Table.

· A view is a definition based upon the relationship between one or several tables using the permitted relational database operations

· A view reduces the need to create new tables with only the specific data for each application

· A view reduces redundancy of tables (which are costly to maintain) and is a preferred method for relating specific modules of business applications, which may be logically separated.

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Maintenance views offer easy ways to maintain complex application objects.

Data distributed on several tables often forms a logical unit, for example an application object, for the user. You want to be able to display, modify and create the data of such an application object together. Normally the user is not interested in the technical implementation of the application object, that is in the distribution of the data on several tables.

A maintenance view permits you to maintain the data of an application object together. The data is automatically distributed in the underlying database tables. The maintenance status determines which accesses to the data of the underlying tables are possible with the maintenance view.

database view

Data about an application object is often distributed on several database tables. A database view provides an application-specific view on such distributed data.

Database views are defined in the ABAP Dictionary. A database view is automatically created in the underlying database when it is activated.

Application programs can access the data of a database view using the database interface. You can access the data in ABAP programs with both OPEN SQL and NATIVE SQL. However, the data is actually selected in the database. Since the join operation is executed in the database in this case, you can minimize the number of database accesses in this way. Database views implement an inner join

projection view

Projection views are used to hide fields of a table. This can minimize interfaces; for example when you access the database, you only read and write the field contents actually needed.

A projection view contains exactly one table. You cannot define selection conditions for projection views.

There is no corresponding object in the database for a projection view. The R/3 System maps the access to a projection view to the corresponding access to its base table. You can also access pooled tables and cluster tables with a projection view.

help views

Help views are used if a view with an outer join is needed as selection method in a search help.

You have to create a help view if a view with outer join is needed as selection method of a search help.

The selection method of a search help is either a table or a view. If you have to select data from several tables for the search help, you should generally use a database view as selection method. However, a database view always implements an inner join. If you need a view with outer join for the data selection, you have to use a help view as selection method.

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In simple words

There are 4 types views are avilable in SAP.

Database View - To club more than one table

Projection View - To hide fields in one table

Maintanance View - To maintain database records in table

Help View - To provide help for a fields (Same functionality as Search help. This is outdated)

View are improves perfromance in the following aspects

1. If you want to use more than two table in 'JOIN' condition better to use Views . It will improves performance of a program

2. If you want to use mutiple FOR ALL ENTRIES clause, better to club all SELECT statement in a view.


1.Views does not contain data in it. It fetches data from the database only depending on the condition ...

2.Views are part of data dictionary. They are a window to view the data in database

3.views can be used to give security to data. users can be allowed to view only basic data only



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hi Manjit,,

You can clear your self with Views...



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