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Dialog screen STEP LOOP GROUPING not modifiable

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I'm trying to make changes to a STEP LOOP, but when I select the elements of the step loop and click on EDIT->GROUPING->STEP_LOOP, the 4 editing options are greyed out. Why? I've tried various select options e.g. select all the elements in the step loop, select only headings, select only detail fields etc, but in no case am I able to modify the step loop?

Thsi is in RF programming, so please don't suggest that this is outdated and replaced by table control etc. Those controls don't work in RF Scanners.

Thanks, Adrian


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I managed to get this sorted, but not as per sap help with edit->grouping->step loop->editing options.

If you double click on the top left element in the step loop, navigate to the previous element with the left arrow button to select the "step loop container". Now you can right click and the last 4 options are the editing options available for the step loop.