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Delta changes for SAP administrative users

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Hi ,
I am using sapjco library to write an Java code to fetch the users in SAP system.
I am using the BAPI  BAPI_USER_GETLIST to get all the users in the system currenlty.
This works fine without issues.

Now i make some changes on the SAP box like (addign a new user  "TEST" using su01 ).
Now i want to write code to only fetch the changed user on the SAP system .
I do not want to get all the users on the box.
Is this possible in SAP.

Do i have to make any configurations somewhere.



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Hi Manoj,

What is your parameter to get the changed users. I mean do you have any specification like to get the users from date to to date?

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Hi Kiran,

In a way it can be date.

I would give you the scenario.

When i excute my java code for first time ,it will get all the users and populate it into flat file.

Say for e.g. there are 500 users  ,my java code would get all the 500 users.

Now after some time(Can be hour or day) , there  can be following scenario

a)A new user XYX is created

b)An existing user PQR is updated

c)An user ABC is deleted

using su01 trnsactions.

Now i want to capture only this events which took place  for the above users (ABC,PQR and XYZ)

and try to get only those in my second run of the code.

I do not want to get all the 500 users in the second run ,but only the delta chnages.